Isn’t it time to put the ZING back in your life?

IMG_2573My name is Lamisha Serf-Walls and I know that each and every one of you have wild dreams that you don’t think are possible or aren’t sure where to start and I am here to help you move from where you are now, to EXACTLY where you want to be.  I work with women who know life is meant to be AMAZING and they are ready to make that a reality in their own lives.

It’s time to experience the FREEDOM, FLOW, ABUNDANCE, and all the BLISS you can handle because that is what life is all about.

With a Masters in Psychology and my unique intuitive and inspiration-driven coaching philosophy, I help women like YOU make those amazing day dreams you enjoy so much, a reality without all the blood, sweat, tears, and hard-work you’re used to.  There’s a better way and I’m gonna show you just how easy it can be!

  • Are you seeking a life of freedom, joy, and abundance that allows you to do more of what you love, but feel blocked on the ‘how’?
  • Feeling stuck & frustrated with your lack-luster life?
  • Have you experienced success in most areas of your life but still have that one thing that you can’t quite master?
  • Do you know you are on the right path, but can’t quite figure out how to get from where you are to where you want to be?
  • Are you ready to drop the excuses and take the easy road?

If you answered YES to one or more of the items above, it is not by accident that you are here.  Call it Divine Timing, synchronicity, or the answer to your prayer, but whatever you call it know that this is your sign to take the leap and SOAR.  And if you just can’t wait another minute to jump start the life of your dreams sign-up to receive my free training with 7 Secrets to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 2.19.34 PM

NOW is your time to SHINE gorgeous, so what are you waiting for???


I am a master at helping you:

  • Get crystal clear about WHAT your dream life is
  • Easily identify the JUNK holding you back so you can RELEASE it once and for all
  • Take the (inspired) action necessary to finally LIVE the amazing life you deserve (no blood, sweat, or tears required)

Don’t waste another moment of your life waiting for the perfect moment to live the life of your dreams.  Let me help you do it NOW!

Not quite sure you are ready to take the leap?  Schedule a 30-Minute Coaching Consultation  to find out more about how I work & the amazing transformation you can expect from working together. (I must warn you, your life will never be the same.)

 What Fans Are Saying….


“From our first conversation I became aware of her natural ability as a coach. Lamisha is intuitive, listens deeply, and has a maturity about her that allows her to hold even the most seasoned life in a space of grace and compassion. I can’t think of a better person to share life’s journey, particularly when dreams need to come to life! What a delight to recommend her.” Coach J- Life Coach & Reiki Practitioner




annehayman-button2“Working with Lamisha was so helpful. I am putting together an e-course and felt so stuck at one point, I booked a freedom session with her. She helped me to organize my thoughts and the modules of my course in a way that made so much sense. She listened and had such amazingly helpful step-by-step actions for me to take to get me completely UNSTUCK and back to moving forward. She noticed things that I didn’t, and was able to assist me when I didn’t even know what questions to ask! I highly recommend working with Lamisha if you feel stuck or unsure of your next steps whether it’s in life or business.” Anne Hayman


The TRUTH is you already have the ability to tap into the amazing wealth of knowledge you need to move you forward on your path, you just have to have the right TOOLS.  The Grow, Evolve, Become-Membership Program is designed to help you tap into  the power you have within so you can follow your heart and live a life you LOVE.  Join this awesome community of spiritually-minded and heart-centered women on a quest for connection, community, and empowerment and you can get all that plus free member’s only calls, support, free coaching for $47/month.  Get the details HERE.

If you aren’t quite sure what kind of help you need feel free to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to chat first.

35 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I think the time I have spent reading some of the beautiful thing written by her truly worth it. I will be happy to learn more.

  2. i am a breast cancer survivor. Yes I survived, but I stopped living and stopped thriving! It has been 13 years since my first mastectomy and 2 since my second. When I lost my breast at age 30 I stopped living and just survived. I am now 45 and am desperate to live, to thrive and to love! Read your huffington post article and it hit home!

  3. Saw your article on Facebook and I realized that I do need support to lose weight. I live in Overland Park, KS (Kansas City) and wondered if you could give me a recommendation for a coach/therapist in my area?

    Thank you, Penny

    • Hi Penny,

      Thanks for reaching out. I know a few health coaches that work virtually that can help support you. If you want to send me an email at lamisha@lifeoncedreamt.com I can get their info together for you and send you a list. I don’t believe any of them live in the Kansas City area but they are very good at what they do. Please include a little bit of background about what you are struggling with most and I’ll get that info to you soon. Thanks!

  4. I’m stuck. I live my job and my coworkers but I feel I need a change. I’m bored and in my head all the time. I don’t know what I want to do??? I’m afraid of failure :(

    • Thank you for reaching out. Being stuck is only a temporary circumstance if you want more for your life and having a fear of failure is a block that can be cleared. If you are interested in chatting a bit more to see if working with me is a good fit for you, I encourage you to schedule a 30-minute consultation to chat further. You can do so HERE.
      I look forward to chatting with you!

  5. I just read your universal truths and I’m a big believer in much of what you say/believe.
    But I do have a question regarding the “anything is possible” Universal Truth.
    There are dreams that people have that really can not come true. For example, a person who wants a child who physically isn’t able, a 40 year old man who wants to be a professional basketball player, someone who wants to sing on Broadway but is tone deaf, etcetera….
    Can you please tell me what you say to these people? Of course I know an answer for the adult who wants to have a child could be, for example, “you can adopt, foster, be a great aunt or uncle, and express your love that way, ” but what if that person’s dream is to have their own child, passing on his/her genes, etc. This dream is impossible and therefore I question how “anything is possible” can be one of your Universal Truths.
    Can you explain? I’d love to hear.

    • Hi Julie, Thanks for your comment. I would say that nothing is impossible. We have a way of allowing our outer circumstances to define what is possible. It’s hard for people to see a way when all realistic approaches and logical ways have not worked. But, being a believer in the idea that we all have the power to create any life we want, I know it is possible. The tone deaf singer can still sing on Broadway by training or by finding a part that naturally fits with his or her gifts. The 40 year old man still has a chance to play basketball, though it may not be seen through typical pursuits. And even in the instance where doctors believe a woman cannot have her own child…it is possible. But you have to first believe it is possible. My belief in what is possible or not possible for someone else doesn’t matter, it’s their belief that is what controls what they experience and achieve. I hope that answers your questions.

  6. Thank you for the 12 universal truths……smiled and embraced every word…..screen shot the article so I can read it everyday…..thank you thank you thank you

  7. I was doing something I love and was good at what I did. I got a new boss (female) who moved me out of my position, even though I had spent most of my adult life learning and training for that work—a Hospice Chaplain to the dying. She then moved a very unqualified man into my position. She moved me into the position as Volunteer Coordinator and I did a very good job in the position and received a lot of kudos for my work with the volunteers. Several nurses began bullying me, and my boss joined in. Pretty soon my hours were dropped to an unlivable level, knowing I would quit, and before I knew it I was out of a job I loved and had for 9 years. I allowed myself to shine, to be the best I could be, and it was women who shot me down. Now I am struggling to allow myself to be in the kind of position again where I let myself be vulnerable.

    • Tricia, I’m sorry to hear about your experience and I know when we go through tough times like that when we have given our all it doesn’t make sense, but there is always an answer within it all. It could very well be that there is something even better out there for you that will allow you to use that experience and move into bigger and better things. To shine your light more brightly for people that will appreciate it and be inspired by you. Again, I’m sorry to hear this happened, but how can you put a positive spin on it to move on and use your gifts more fully now?

  8. I read your article on 12 universal truths. Very encouraging and it absolutely makes sense. The only question I could come up with is how do you find your gift? Talent? Or want you’re really suppose to be doing with your life? I don’t think anything on this blog would work for me without Knowing this question. Thank you!

    • Hi Alex,

      Thank you for reaching out and commenting. I find that when it comes to finding our gifts and talents, many times it is simply found by following your passion. Doing the thing that lights you up most is what leads you to what you are ‘supposed’ to do. With that said, we all have a choice of doing what we want. The things that naturally call to you, the things that really make you happy, and the things you would do whether money were an issue or not may all lead you to those talents and gifts.

      I work with a lot of people in regards to helping them find their passion in life again. Sometimes we have let ourselves get disconnected from our passion because we live in the ‘real’ world full of responsibilities etc. I often help clients get back to that point of passion and connection to what they truly want.

      If this is something you are interested in learning more about, please feel free to contact me to schedule a free 30-minute consultation and we can chat further.

  9. I need to retrain my brain and make my deepest inner desires come to life. Im so done with starting all over. I want this last “reboot” to be something that will always bring me out ahead of the game. The game of life, no longer referred to as a ratrace. Life is BEAUTIFUL and I want to be able to show my children what this life can behold for them and their future generations.

    I want abundance in wealth and positive opportunities. I am going to make this happen I just need a springboard

    • Janet you are in the right place for that! Brain rebooting and mindset stuff is my specialty. My magical manifesting course might be just what you need. Check it out! Feel free to schedule a 30 minute consult to chat more

  10. I read your article on Huff Post, 7 Signs You’re Ready for a Major Life Change, and it hit me in the head like a diamond bullet! I’d been thinking exactly these things about my situation for about 6 months, and your article really moved me. Thanks.

  11. Thank you for your article. I feel as though I have stumbled upon this on purpose. Ive been at the same job for 13 years but recently moved over an hour away. Ive been making the drive but after gas &childcare im forced to quit. Im just “getting through my day” and not LIVING! I know I need to create a life of my “own”…..an adult life. Being a stay at home mother is harder than I thought (after moving far from everyone & everything I know)……somedays I dont want to get out of bed

  12. I have a good job, yet I don’t feel as if it’s for me. I feel lost, I don’t know what my passions are. My communication is terrible, to a point where it’s affecting the relationship I have with my significant other. I feel that I don’t have any motivation to change my life…

    • Rhica the fact that you are reaching out means you do have motivation, you just might need a bit of extra help. I’m happy to have a chat with you to see how I might be able to help you if you are interested. Feel free to schedule a free 30-Minute Consultation to chat. :-)

  13. Stuck in a funk. The use to be me is somewhere, but tapping into it is like being in mud. I have the choice to work or not. I use to be fit but can’t seem to be inspired like I use to be. I’m not engaged anywhere and find myself isolated and not sure where or how to plug in. Working through a list of unintentional life challenges sounds like a plan. Suggestions where I start?

  14. I’ve been feeling lost lately and can’t seem to find a part of me that feels missing I have this feeling like there’s something that I need to fix this missing feeling but can’t quite figure what that something is. I hope u can help.

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